Thursday, April 12, 2012

Born As A Girl Is Crime!!

Don't want to hurt any body feelings. Its my opinion.

When I Open any news channel or any news paper, I found at least a news of Girl!!

1) Girl Rape
2) Female Foeticide (Destroying a Baby Girl via Abortion or via Inhuman acts)
3) Torture on a Girl After Marriage (Due to Dowry or not able to give birth to a male child)
4) Due to Marriage Issue (Caste Based System)

Such news are very common in TV Channels and news papers. And whenever i read such news i just feel frustrated, Shameful.

In India where most are Hindus and they worship Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Durga, Kali and many more.

Its hard to believe but true that every part of society, states Girls are treated in same way.

When a baby boy born, there is a celebration across family and relatives, but if a Girl born in same family then its normal, It may not be true but majority of Indian families are like that.

In India where cultural traditions reflects that a baby boy will take care of Family, Parents in need . And baby Girl once she become adult, will be married to Boy of other family, and after that the Girl will no longer be a part of her Family. she will be a part of her Husband Family. But thats culture.

Why Families wants Baby Boy (In General) :

1) If there is no boy in family, Then who will take care family and business, and name of family.
2) If there is more Girls in Family, then its Huge burden of there marriages and studies, and Parents feel its waste of money as someday she will get married and after that she will be part of other family.
3) Girls Safety and Taking Care of Girl is also a huge burden.

And Crime related to Girls , getting increased year by year.

Female/Male Child Ratio difference is increasing year by year.

Such things are Inhuman in nature.

What will happen if Girls Ratio reduced to half compare to Boy and further to quarter. MALE/FEMALE Ratio ------ 1000/500 .. 1000/250 ...

So is any thing we can do to stop "Female Foeticide" ..

1) Dont Support Dowry.
2) Awareness, those who are less educated and who feels Girls as a burden.
3) Financial support to the family.
4) Changing Mindset, That only boys can take care of family and girls are not.
5) Girls should take more responsibility and take initiate to change her image. and show her strength to the others.

Female Roles is very important in MALE Life. From Birth, A Girl is a sister of some body, Daughter of some body, Then she become wife of some body , mother of some body. So you can imagine a life without a Girl around you.

Everybody wants to marry with a Beautiful bride, but very few wants a beautiful baby girl.

Hope things will change and things have to change else no future.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Everybody wants to be a ..

-> To become Successful in his Career
-> To become Entrepreneur
-> To do something for Society
-> To Earn More And More Money
-> To do what he like most
-> To do higher study from recognized college/ foreign colleges
-> To Enjoy the life once we achieve that target
etc ..

But how many are able to convert these dreams into reality, or how many really tried, work to fulfill above dreams, very few .....

we have potential, resources, but still we are not able to achieve what we dream and really want .... , it may be due to various factors

-> Risk to loose what we already have in the process of gaining something
-> To do much future forecast in -ve way
-> Due to not sufficient resources
-> Fear Factor
-> Lack of Will Power and A Good Effort
-> Scare of obstacles, problems in the process

But the real truth is we are just avoiding and delaying and this is life long process ..

But if we overcome this kind of nature and achieve what we want, that time you can taste real success and after that its never ending process it goes goal by goal ....As an example, if we know don't know how to drive a Cycle bike then we fear to drive but once we learn driving a Cycle, we are open to take new challenges to learn Bike and then car.

So i feel once we achieve what we want, then that will be the most memorable moment and satisfied. After that only we will be able to realize internal strength and weakness.

So following things we have to practice:
1. Think Big
2. Be + Ve Always. Try to think +ve it gives positive energy as well and great motivation to try again and again.
3. Systematic Approach, If we follow step by step, then we can see results, and it gives internal motivation.
4. Don't Forecast too much . Try to handle obstacles / problems , once they arrive as that will be the real test of facing the problem from front.
5. Read good material, interact with positive thinking people.

I have recently read following books

1. Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz
This book is very well written, And tells how to thing big, Achieve Big by systematic and very simple approach, how to think +ve, how to overcome fear factor etc..

2. Simply Fly by Capt G. R. Gopinath
Simply Fly is a biography of Capt G. R. Gopinath. This book is very well written. And tells the story of a village boy belongs to small village and poor family, Become Army officer, And Left Army after few years and become Farmer and how he faced many financial, logistics problems during initial stages, and got various award. And while farming started other ventures i.e. Mo-Bike Business and Udupi Hotel Chain. And continuously exploring new new things, Political Journey from BJP Party or Independent Party, And started a new Venture of Helicopter and named as Deccan Aviation. And how he faces many challenges to raise funds, acquire License, acquire Land, Various Approvals and to Acquire Helicopter and how he successfully runs Helicopter. And he started a new venture again "Deccan Airways", Simply fly, its a low cost air line (LCC) and its the first in its kind in INDIA, runs on small city routes, Online Internet ticked booking, Low Fares and how he completed with other well established Airlines, and how he makes profit while Tickets are sold at very low fares. And Day to Day running of business and Started a new Venture Deccan 360.

This book is a good read, and i suggest everybody should read this book.

"If a Frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

B-Movie Impact ..

Recently Watched 2 Bollywood Movies : Dil to Baccha Hai Ji and Pyar Ka Punchnama

Both movies are very entertaining, include little bit Comedy, Romance etc.. And in my opinion its a youth movie and peoples aged between 15 to 35 will like this movie alot.

In Short, both movies stories include 3 Guys loves 3 Girls, and Guys used to do everything to impress Girls via supporting financially, morally and in all ways so that they can create a good impression in front of Girl which they love, But in the end all 3 Girls dump the Guys or Relationship didn't workout, so these movies creating impression like Girls using Guys for Fun, Money, and to pass time etc..

But very common thing in both movies story is, Creating bad image of Girls (Main Actresses) in movies.

These movies impacting slowly slowly (i.e. Creating bad image of Working Bachelor Girls) in young peoples and i feel it will impact badly in Man-Women Relationships.

After Eduction Life, Once a person start professional life it can be divided in three kinds
1) Bachelor, Enjoying with Friends
2) In Relationship, Committed
3) Newly Married

After watching such movies, whats the perception (i.e. Image) created in Guys mind about Girls,
And once a guy going to start a relationship, or Commitment with a Girl, Internally he will feel many times about Girl, her Character about her Past relationships and whether i trust the Girl or Not And once relationship start with such feeling, it may lead to serious consequences.

And in Girls Mind also, once a relationship broken , Girl may also feel that it may be due to Girl side Problem.

And if things are not going fine between two Committed persons, then both persons try to co-relate the problem in there relationships with such movie instance and in that way it may lead to serious consequences to either Breakup or Mental Torture, Depression etc ...

In Indian Culture, such movies impacting badly, Peoples above age 40, they are living happily with there family from many years,
But Young peoples they are confused and scared about future Relationships.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Real Vs Virtual Relationships ..

Software/ IT Engg Lives in Two World .. One Real World and other Virtual (Internet /Computer World). So correspondingly maintaining relationships both sides :) and this is increasing to other parts of society too.

Real Relationships are those which exist in physically,closely like Parents-Child Relationship and others where you are closely attached with others.

And Virtual Relationships are those which exist just Virtually, like distance relationships, and which exist with the help of some media. like Orkut, Facebook etc ..

Facebook, orkut are social networking sites, where u can connect virtually to you all old college/school time friends and you can share your status updates to them and they can share with you, And your connectivity with new friends increase with old one still connected with you. So with the help of social sites we are able to connect virtually to others and its not matter at all where other friends living, earning as we are virtually connected over Internet and Social Site. Now Social sites are gaining more popularity and over passing real relationships as on Social sites, person used to update daily there status, sharing snaps etc.. and In same person family (Real Relationship) may not be knowing about these things ....

So Technology helps alot in building relationships and increases connectivity, But
Is Virtual relationships impacting Real Relationships ?

Initially, Suppose 2 Friends A and B, A & B used to meet, then A & B used to call each other, then A & B used to chat over internet and then A & B just updating status over social sites and connected with each other over social sites !! A & B are connected with each other for a longer time, but they are enjoying there old friendship now ??

To enjoy life we need real friends and relationships !! So its up to us how we are balancing both Virtual and Real Relationships !!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rise And Fall .....

!! Rise And Fall !!

Seems two sides of a same coin ......

"Popularity or Business Growth etc etc" of an Individual or Company can be measured as a Rise And "Downfall and Business Loss etc etc" of an Individual of Company can be measured as a Fall.

One Time Yahoo Mail was popular .. Now Gmail overtakes it ..
One Time orkut is best in social sites .. Now facebook become popular in social networking sites ..
In 90's Tata Motors are most reliable and most used vehicles in India .. but now Tata loses India Market Comparison to other .
One Time Narendar Modi Image is very bad in Media due to Riots .. but now he is one of the best CM in India.
Rise and Fall is the part .. One who rises .. He will also face Failures of Fall .. But what matters is the Intensity of Failure in terms of Loss (Money or Self Respect) and Image of Company Or due to a new Competitor in Market.

Many students doing suicide or in Depression due to Competition or Pressure which they are not able to cope, Or they feel they are not able to achieve for which they worked too hard or it may happen because they might not tasted "Failure" .. But life is beautifull , Just think Poeples who are blind or handicapped or not able to live like a Normal human Being but still they live and Enjoy it in there way, By doing Suicide how many beautifull moments of life they are going to loose so we should not give up.

Some people says i am very successfull, and i achieved what i want, "But have they taken any risk , or ever tried to do something different in his life" ..

Failure is the most important part of Success and Rise. Without Failures or Falls we cannot realize what is true Success or Rise.

We should Realize the Change in advance and perpare ourself accordingly.

!! Perseverance !!


He failed in business in '31.

He was defeated for state legislator in '32.

He tried another business in '33. It failed.

His fiancee died in '35.

He had a nervous breakdown in '36.

In '43 he ran for congress and was defeated.

He tried again in '48 and was defeated again.

He tried running for the Senate in '55. He lost.

The next year he ran for Vice President and lost.

In '59 he ran for the Senate again and was defeated.

In 1860, the man who signed his name

A. Lincoln, was elected the 16th President of the United States.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Your Life Your Choice

Recently i read book "Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

I like that book as its gives a Simple ways for How to deal with Problems, Change and Difficult Situation.

From Book: Who Moved My Cheese

Just Imagine ..

Cheese : Imagine Cheese as Happiness / Success , it may be at Relationship, at Work, at Personnel Level, Any thing.

Maze: Its an unknown Journey, problems to find the Cheese (Happiness and Success).

And 4 Characters:

2 Mice (Scurry And Sniff) :
Very small in nature and very simple. Sniff just realize the change or sniff, and Scurry just execute an Action And think about Result.

2 Small People( Hem And Haw) : Small in nature, but more intelligent and Smarter than mice.

Story goes like that ..

All 4, Mice and Little People, after little struggle and after going through Maze, all finds the Cheese let say "Cheese Station C". (for all 4 it may taste different). And daily they are eating and enjoying there cheese. And they are very satisfied. And little peoples are very satisfied with the achievement, they feels that after a struggle finally they find there cheese and this cheese is enough for their life.

Soon, Little Mice realizes that Cheese is getting reduce day by day and little people are very relaxed and enjoying cheese daily.

But one day,

When little Mice Notice, that there is no more cheese left at cheese station, So Sniff just sniff the New Cheese and Scurry acted and they go out into Maze to find New Cheese.

And once little people reached to Cheese Station C, they noticed that there is no more cheese left, and as they are no Prepared for that situation, they getting angered, shouted , Screamed "who taken our cheese", "No Cheese", "No Cheese". Little people get shocked and they are not able to understand why it happen to them and its not Fair, and they are just over analyzing the situation and waited there at Station C and with little hope expecting that soon they will put back Cheese at Station C.

Little people "Hem and Haw" daily coming and searching for Cheese at Station C and slowly slowly getting frustrated and stressed as they are not able to find Cheese at Station C. Haw want to go out to Maze to find new Cheese but Hem is not interested to go out to Maze as Hem feels that its an unknown place and they may face alot of trouble.

But soon Haw came out from "Cheese Station C " to Maze for finding New Cheese. And Haw is trying hard to find new cheese and Analyzing his decisions what he loose in Not acting fast and by not realizing the change early.

Now little mice find a New Big Cheese Station "Cheese Station N", and they are more happy now, than compared to last time.

And Haw is still searching for New Cheese and trying hard and one day he Found Cheese Station N and old friends, And Haw enjoyed the new Cheese and new Taste .

And Hem is still waiting at Cheese Station C, for expecting that thing will be improved automatically one day And he will get the same Cheese again.

So simple message what we will "Loose" or "Gain" If we don't sense the change timely and Act accordingly. Only one thing is permanent in this world that is "CHANGE".

"Smell the Change Time To Time
And Prepare Yourself Accordingly"

"The Quicker let you go of old cheese
The Sooner you can Enjoy new Cheese"

"Be Ready to Change Quickly
And Enjoy it Again and Again"

"Don't Afraid , Over Analyze And Fear
Believe on your Capabilities and Start Again"

So read the book again and again, surely every time you will get new thing.

Once i read the book, i just trying to put my self in 1 of 4 Characters. And trying to Improve my way of living. Better Late Than Never.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kavita ..

Ek Kavita Movie Udaan Se

Jo lehron se aage nazar dekh paati
toh tum jaan lete main kya sochta hoon,

Wo aawaz tumko bhi jo bhed jaati
toh tum jaan lete main kya sochta hoon.

Zid ka tumhare jo parda sarakta
toh khidkiyon se aage bhi tum dekh paate,

Aankhon se aadaton ki jo palken hatate
toh tum jaan lete main kya sochta hoon.

Meri tarah khud par hota zara bharosa
toh kuchh door tum bhi saath-saath aate,

Rang meri aankhon ka baant-te zara sa
toh kuchh door tum bhi saath-saath aate,

Nasha aasmaan ka jo choomta tumhe bhi,
hasraten tumhari naya janm paatin,

Khud doosre janam mein meri
udaan chhoone kuchh door tum bhi saath-saath aate.


This Poem is from Hindi movie Udaan.

Udaan is a very simple movie with a very good message. Its a story of a Boy Rohan and His dad Ronit Roy who lives in Jamshedpur and he is a Businessman. Rohan expelled from his school after a incident, and he rejoins with his family mainly a Father and a younger half brother after 8 years. Rohan was not aware of that, that he has a younger brother as Rohan father did 2nd marriage.

Ronit Roy, Rohan's father he is a business man, and he is little different or frustrated guy.

And once Rohan joins his family back, his father and his nature doesn't match at all, His father is like a Ruler, who doesn't listen other views and forced his views to others. Rohan wants to become a writer, but his father doesn't bother to see his writing at all, and put him in engg college. He made some rules to live at his home and Rohan and his brother have to follow those else leave the home no choice.

Rohan bear his father torture and also torture on his younger brother, and saturation point reached and he finally left his father home and taken his younger brother .

So its a nice script and well directed movie.

"Don't force your thoughts on others, try to convince by putting your points and by listening other views."